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Division of Southern Log Home Care

Log Home Repair and Restoration Services

We are dedicated to providing you with the best maintenance and repair services for your log home.
We have the knowledge and experience it takes to restore your log home to its original appearance. and preserve it for years to come. We offer log home repair and restoration services in 20 states and have extensive experience.

Our Services Include:

Our service include...
-Log Replacement and Log Repair
-Log Home Stripping,Media blasting
-Log Home Restoration and Staining
-Log Home Caulking and Chinking
-Fire,Water,Weather Damage Repair
-Historic Log Cabin Restoration
-Maintenance and Consultations

We provide log home and cabin repair services in:
Alabama - AL
Tennessee - TN
Georgia - GA
Kentucky - KY
South Carolina - SC
North Carolina - NC
Louisiana - LA
Delaware - DE
Texas - TX
Indiana - IN
Ohio - OH
Mississippi - MS
... and others (contact us)

Full log replacement... Our company specializes in full log replacement in log homes and cabins. We can handle projects of any size. Rot is a bacteria that will not stop until it is fully removed.

We do not do cosmetic repairs as that is more like just covering up the damage. Cosmetic repairs usually consist of removing soft wood and covering it with a half log. The rot is still there and the damage continues till the log rots all the way through. Many log home companies no longer are in business , therefore replacement logs are difficult to locate. Our saw mill has a large profile and species database to aid our customers in locating a close match when repairing your home.

Full log replacement 2... Half-logging affects the structural integrity of your wall. When someone half-logs part of the wall on a log home, it severely affects the strength of that wall. Bottom line, replacing a full log, is the right thing to do the first time so you don’t have to pay for the repairs twice, as we have often had to rework someone else “repair jobs”. We are family owned and operated and the owner is present at every job till it is completed guaranteeing that every home is treated like it is ours. Employees may have a bad day, they may forget to do something little that may become a big problem later, that is why owner is present to personally oversee the work.

maintenance... We care about our jobs not just till the check clears but for years to come. You can always call us with questions about maintenance or any other log home questions any time, even years after the job was completed.
We are committed to providing superior service and specialize in top quality and attention to small details to transform your home back to a state that offers you peace of mind for generations to come.



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+ 1890 logs in Versailles, KY


 Our Process

Older or failed finishes are chemically removed. Then we neutralize the PH level of the logs as well as brighten them. Afterwards, we treat wood with a borate preservative that protects against rot and insect infestation. When the logs have dried, we test the moisture content to ensure that moisure levels are acceptable and the logs are ready to accept the stain. By having too high a moisture content, the stain is unable to penetrate properly which could lead to premature failure.

New construction or weathered logs that have turned grey and never had finish on them before are cleaned to remove UV damage, mold, mildew and contaminants. We then brighten the wood with our special blend of wood brightener to restore the natural color of the wood.

Some contractors achieve this by cob blasting the grey logs. This can easily change the grain in the wood and make them appear rough. We don't recommend that and there is no need to cob blast in this situation. Low pressure power washing does the job. We only use cob blasting as a last resort to remove stubborn finishes.

We've seen a great deal of confusion among home owners when it comes to choosing a finish. There are so many inferior and expensive products on the market that do not hold up well against the forces of nature and weather. Some last no longer than one year. Why do people keep using them? Good marketing.

We use only the top of the line stains and preservatives that have been tested for many years. We'll be glad to recommend a good finish for your home depending on your needs, climate, location, and color of choice.

 Maintenance and Inspections

Proper maintenance and inspections will save you money by stopping any further damage and by eliminating future costly restoration charges. It is extremely important that all products are applied properly in order to maintain a long lasting finish that beautifies and protects your home. By having your home professionally maintained, you'll increase the value of your home by improving the appearance and preserving it for generations to come.

 Log Replacement

Full log or Half Log??

If you are confused about many different opinions from contractors, read this entire page and check out the pictures at the bottom of the page, you will know the right answer.

In our years of being in business, we have had to rework quite a few jobs where someone just removed enough of rotted wood to apply wood siding or a half-log. Wood rot is a bacteria that will continuously spread if covered and not completely removed.

To properly repair decaying logs, they often have to be fully removed and replaced. Restoration products such as Wood Epoxy/Impel Rods and Wood Putty may work in some cases if the damage is close to the surface and very insignificant. But for the most part, it is a band aid for the problem and the damage eventually continues spreading. Watch out for people claiming to be miracle "Rot Doctors". They are working very hard to sell their products but not losing any sleep that your biggest investment may be slowly biodegrading. There is a place for every product on the market, but the above products are not guaranteed to be a permanent fix.

Be careful when choosing a contractor for repairs. If they only offer siding and half-logs-watch out! Your home may look good on the exterior for awhile but by the time the logs rot all the way, it will become a costly mistake.

Half-logging is a very common practice in the repair industry and works fine when refacing a log or two, providing one is able to completely remove all the damaged wood. But when it comes to refacing 4 or 5 courses of logs in a row or even an entire wall, it will significantly affect the structural integrity of the log wall.

We take pride in our work as doing repairs properly has never failed us. If you have any questions or concerns about repairs that need to be done or have been done to your home, feel free to contact us 1-866-564-2213.

Half-Logs or Veneers

Here is a classic example of a home that someone "repaired" with a half log. Everything behind it is thoroughly rotted. So this damage will continue to spread.

Just a few years after these log repairs were finished, we were called to repair it again, this time with a full log.

Half logging for the most part is just covering the damage.

There are cases where 1 or 2 halflolgs can be used providing the contractors gets into completely good wood to attach the half log to. But not to repair 4-5 logs in a row that affects the structural integrity a log home wall.

More Examples

This is a typical way of how rot spreads. The top log is damaged so badly there is no wood epoxy, impell rod or rot doctor that can fix this without doing a full log replacement.


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